Results of Kauai Island Chess Tournament #11

Ed Hayes did a great job directing the 11th Kauai Island Chess Tournament in Lihue, which was small but very tough.

In the top section Kauai’s Chad Badgett tied with Oahu’s Nicholas Muschek for first with 5 out of 7.  Tom Tanimoto from Oahu returned to tournament chess after a 30-year absence to finish at 4/7.  He tied with Jim Serles of Kauai who also recently returned to chess after an even longer absence.

Nova Halavins came from Maui to play his first USCF-rated tournament and finished with 3 points after defeating top-ranked Damian Nash, the tournament organizer, in the final round.  Nash had his revenge in the Blitz tournament which he won 6-0.  Nova took clear second with 5-1.

Kauai’s rising young star Ethan Pinnock schooled 3 adult players in the intermediate section, finishing with 5/6 in the double round-robin.

Tournament Results

The next Kauai tournament is Saturday, August 27th.  It will be different because players will have a choice of writing down moves (dual-rated section, 20/10 time control) or not writing down moves (quick-rated section, 20/9).  Thanks to a generous donation from Tom Tanimoto, each section will have a $100 guaranteed first prize, which could grow larger with more entries.  There will also be a non-rated beginner section with a $50 guaranteed first place.

Flyer for August 27th tournament

Registration form for August 27th tournament

June 4th Results! Hawaii Phoenix #8, State Girls and State Senior

Congratulations to reigning state champion Michael Omori who once again won the Hawaii Phoenix open tournament with 4.5 out of 5.  Congratulations also to Nicholas Muschek for a very strong second place finish at 4/5.  Tied for the under-1500 prize at 3/5 were Alex Opiniano, John Chen and Thomas Christian Anthony.

Hawaii Phoenix #8 Final Standings

USCF Rating Report

Michael Omori and Paul Iinuma meet yet again, on first board in the last round. NM Iinuma was the only player Omori couldn’t defeat on his way to win the tournament.

Congratulations to Cornelius Rubsamen who will represent Hawaii in the Irwin Tournament of State Senior Champions in August.  He and Damian Nash are the 2022 State Senior Champions after drawing in the last round.

Senior Tournament Results

Cornelius Rubsamen & Damian Nash

Congratulations to Irene Zhong who will represent Hawaii at the 2022 Haring Tournament of State Girls Champions.

Girls State Championship Results

USCF Rating Report

Left to right: Aurelia White (2nd), Damian Nash (TD), Irene Zhong (1st), Makenzie Tongg (3rd)

Results of the Kauai Island Tournament #10

Thanks to the chess players and families who competed in the 10th Kauai chess tournament at Kukui Grove Mall.
Official wall-charts, standings and pairings are online at
The official US Chess Federation rating report
Open Tournament:
1st place – NM Paul Iinuma
2nd place – Bryson Galapon
1st in lower half – Ed Hayes
2nd in lower half – Dan Abadilla
Blitz Tournament:
1st place – NM Paul Iinuma
2nd place – NCM Rob Keough
1st in lower half – Scott Valkenaar
2nd in lower half – Jay Hammond
Scholastic Tournament:
1st place – Ka’iwi Eu-Parziale and Rohan Sudagar
2nd place – Ethan Pinnock and Paulo Garza
3rd place – Ka’eo Frye and Poasa Garza
1st (K-3) – Grayson Barber
2nd (K-3) – Sur Middleton
3rd (K-3) – Anthony Riola
Scholastic Blitz Tournament
1st place – Rohan Sudagar (8-0)
2nd place – Paulo Garza
3rd place – Sur Middleton
Special Mention – Kindergartner Koa Tinao finished 2-2 against older players.  As soon as he learns the difference between stalemate and checkmate, he will be finishing at the top!

I watched some great games, and saw our young players get stronger with every game they played.  There were some players who had discouraging results, but I heard from their parents they are motivated to play again because the fun outweighed the disappointment.

Mahalo to all the players who helped others learn how to write down moves, report results, and maintain a great attitude.  There was fierce competition and a lot of aloha in the room all day long.  The intensity of focused thinking made the room feel like it crackled with electricity!  It was an honor for me to be in the same room, experiencing that intense energy with all of you.
A hui hou,
Damian Nash

RESULTS for The Hawaii-Phoenix Open #7 and The HCF April Scholastic

Hawaii Phoenix #7 Open Chess Tournament:

Pairings and Results       USCF Rating Report

The HCF April Scholastic Chess Tournament:  

Pairings and Results       USCF Rating Report

  • When: Saturday, April 9th, 2022, from 8:30am to 6:30pm
  • Where: Princess Ruth Ke’elikolani Middle School cafeteria, 1302 Queen Emma St, Honolulu, HI 96813

2022 State Scholastic Championship Results

Results of The 2022 Guy Ontai State Scholastic Chess Championships

  • When: Saturday, March 26th, 2022, from 8:30am to 6:30pm
  • Where: Princess Ruth Ke’elikolani Middle School cafeteria, 1302 Queen Emma St, Honolulu, HI 96813

Official USCF Rating Report   (The K-2 section was not rated by USCF.)

Congratulations to 2022 State Scholastic Individual Champions!
  • 9-12 High School: Gabriel White and Benjamin Kim.  (Gabriel is the Denker tournament representative on tiebreaks.)  3rd place went to Mark Chen.
  • 6-8 Middle School: Micaiah White (the Barber tournament representative).  2nd and 3rd were Tyler Ching and J.P. Bennett.
  • 3-5 Elementary School: Austin Uezu and Aurelia White.  (Austin is the Rockefeller tournament representative on tiebreaks).  Kevin Ching and Kuliaikapono Shirota-Kapalo tied for 3rd.
  • K-2 Primary School: Aaron Uezu. Nova Galanto, Tiago Lum and Violet White tied for 2nd-4th place.

Congratulations to the Hawaii Homeschool team that swept the first-place team trophies in all divisions!*

  • In the High School section, second place went to Punahou and third went to Roosevelt High School.
  • In the Middle School section, Punahou took second and Kawananakoa and Ke’elikolani tied for third.
  • In the Elementary section, Punahou took second and Kauai Christian School placed third.
  • In the Primary section, Kamehameha Elementary took second, and Punahou finished third.
Complete team results can be seen here.
Thanks to the great volunteers who stepped up to make this tournament a success, and a lot of fun for everyone.  Scholastic Director Damian Nash came down with the flu on Thursday night, so HCF Presidet Rob Keough took over as the Chief TD at the last minute, with HCF board members Robert Turner and Sean Uezu assisting.  Special thanks to Lilybeth Ching who ordered and picked up the trophies and medals.  Guy Ontai had a great time, and thanks everyone who honored him at the event.