With a larger-than-expected turnout of 17 players, this past weekend’s chess tournament at the Atherton YMCA featured some of the State’s best players.

As mentioned in the previous post, the tournament also counted among its participants a brutally strong International Master from Switzerland, Julien Carron. Boasting a FIDE rating of 2369, IM Carron was the odds-on favorite to win the tournament.

Julien Carron

International Master Julien Carron

Julien won his first four games, but with tough resistance from all of his opponents. I had the distinction (burden?) of playing him in the fifth and final round. Fully expecting to get annihilated, I essayed 1.c4 and said a prayer.

I’ll post the game with annotations by the weekend, but, as you may have already heard, the result of the game was a shocker — a draw. I still have no idea how I managed it. All I can say now is that I played my heart out. I look forward to sharing the game later this week.

With the draw, IM Carron secured first place in the Open section, winning $90 and the Champion’s trophy. 4 players were tied at 3.5, sharing equal 2nd-5th place – Rob Keough, Scott Kira, Lorenzo Farinas and yours truly. The remaining Open prize money was split equally among the others (as TD, I was ineligible to win prizes).

The U1400 section was fiercely contested. Dylan Marn played very impressive chess and took first place (even giving IM Carron a run for his money in the first round). 2nd-3rd place prize money went to Omea Lau and Eli Akimseu, who both finished with 2.5 points. Great job, guys!

Dylan Marn

Dylan Marn - Winner of the U1400 Section

Mahalo to all who came out to play and watch.  I hope to hold the tournament again next year and am looking to hopefully do another tournament at the Atherton during Memorial Day weekend.  Stay tuned!


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