2013 MLK Scholastic Chess Tournament

A shot from this year's MLK Scholastic, held at Washington Middle School

Results from the 2013 Martin Luther King Jr. Scholastic follow:


-HIGH SCHOOL: 1st) Homeschool, 2nd) Kamehameha, 3rd) Aiea

-MIDDLE SCHOOL: 1st) Kamehameha Middle, 2nd) Washington Middle, 3rd) Mililani Middle

-ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: 1st) Homeschool, 2nd) Punahou, 3rd) Kamehameha


-OVERALL: 1st) Eldon Nakagawa (Aiea, 11th grade), 2nd) Likeke Aipa (Kamehameha, 12th grade), 3rd) Ford Nakagawa (Aiea, 9th grade), 4th) Roy Yang (Iolani, 9th grade)

-HIGH SCHOOL: 1st) Evan Zheng (Mililani, 11th grade), 2nd) Lucas Beddow (Kamehameha, 11th grade), 3rd) Nathan Cheng (Homeschool, 1th grade)

-MIDDLE SCHOOL: 1st) Homare Takemoto (Washington Middle, 8th grade), 2nd) Nicholas Wong (Kamehameha Middle, 7th grade), 3rd) Michael Llanos (Kamehameha Middle, 7th grade)

-ELEMENTARY: 1st) Gabriel White (Homeschool, 4th grade), 2nd) Pascal He (Punahou, 4th grade), 3rd) Adriel White (Homeschool, 4th grade)

-PRIMARY: 1st) Zachary Kim (Homeschool, 3rd grade), 2nd) Tate Goodman (Punahou, 3rd grade), 3rd) Caleb White (Homeschool, 1st grade)

-NOVICE/BEGINNER: 1st) Ricardo Tran (Washington Middle, 6th grade), 2nd) Youjin Kim (Washington Middle, 7th grade), 3rd) Kai Hirose (Washington Middle, 8th grade), 4th) Justin Hong (Washington Middle, 8th grade)

Links to pdf crosstables/prize reports: