Labor Day Weekend saw some of Hawaii’s best chess players converge on the Manoa Innovation Center for the 2013 Hawaii State Open and Blitz Championships.

A huge upset occurred in the first round of the five-round Open when Kevin Erick (rated 1795) took down International Master Julien Carron (2391).  Kevin’s victory set the stage for what would be a wild and extremely competitive tournament.  After the upset, the tournament’s was anyone’s to win!

Eldon Nakagawa & Julien Carron, 2013 Hawaii Chess Champions

NM Eldon Nakagawa & IM Julien Carron, 2013 Hawaii Chess Champions

After the smoke cleared from the final round games, high school senior Eldon Nakagawa repeats as Hawaii state chess champion!  However, he has to share the title with IM Carron, who fought back from his first round loss and terrorized his 2nd-5th round opponents.  Both the newly minted National Master Nakagawa and Carron ended with 4/5. Huge congratulations to both players!

Other prize winners include:

3rd Place Overall: Stephen Mau (3.5)
M/E: Paul Iinuma (3.0)
A: Ford Nakagawa (3.5)
B: Kevin Erick (3.0)
C: Roy Yang (1.0)
E/: Devin Eagen (3.0)

50 and over: Anthony Andrews (2.5)
15 and under: Ford Nakagawa (3.5)
2013 Hawaii Blitz Champ, NM Robert Lau

Hawaii Blitz King, NM Robert Lau

Twenty signed up for the Blitz Championship and after 7 rounds NM Robert Lau took down the title with 10.5 out of 14 points. A look at the crosstable should give the reader a sense of how crazily competitive the blitz was; going into the last round at least six players (maybe more?) had a chance to win or share the first prize!

Check out a photo gallery from both events on Facebook. Thanks to guest photographer Evan Tector for some great shots!

Finally, it should be noted that both tournaments were exceptionally well run; Mahalo to TDs Larry Reifurth and Bob Newell for putting on a great weekend!

2013 Hawaii Open Championship – Rated Crosstable
2013 Hawaii Blitz Championship – Crosstable
Photo Gallery on Facebook