Hawaii Chess Players, Parents and Friends:

It’s been awhile since we have updated on the latest Hawaii Chess happenings. Here is a brief roundup of recent news.

Scholastic Chess – Our fall and winter tournaments have been well attended. See complete results from the past few tournaments here.

The next scholastic tournaments are the Presidents Day event (Monday, February 20th), the Girls State Championship (Sat. 3/18) and the State Scholastic Championships (Sat 3/25). See our event calendar for more details and entry forms.

Also, it should be noted that our scholastic director Guy Ontai and state champion Cornelius Rubsamen are putting on a series of chess mini-camps. We will make a separate post with more details on this.

Open tournaments – Our State Open and Blitz Championships were held on Labor Day weekend with many time state champion Cornelius Rubsamen tying for first place in the open with first time winner Paul Iinuma. Cornelius also tied for first in the blitz championship and is blitz champion once again, sharing the title with Hawaii chess veteran Eric Mui. Congratulations to Cornelius, Paul and Eric!

2016 State Open Crosstable/Results
2016 State Blitz Crosstable/Results

A couple of other open tournaments were held including:
State Rapid (G/45) Championship (11/26 – 11/27/16) – Won by Evan Zheng
Statehood Quick (G/10) Championship (8/19/16) – Won by Cornelius Rubsamen
State Action (G/25) Championship (7/4/16) – Won by Cornelius Rubsamen

Click on any of the event names to see the rated crosstables/results.

Stay tuned for announcements on upcoming open tournaments in 2017.

HCF Board – Elections were held at the State Rapid Championships on 11/27/16 and board members remain the same:

President: Beau Mueller
Vice President: Cornelius Rubsamen
Treasurer: Bob Newell
Secretary: Kevin Erick
Scholastic Director: Guy Ontai

Also, two new Hawaii chess regulars have come on board: Heather Flewelling (Liliha) and Fred Haley (Windward). They join Bruce Martin (Maui) and Reynolds Takata (Manoa) as voting members from HCF affiliated clubs.

We hope you have enjoyed our summary update. We wish you all the best in 2017 and many great games this year!