October Scholastic Event RESCHEDULED

Because of unexpected travel requirements of our Scholastic Director Mr. Guy Ontai, we have to re-schedule the October Scholastic tournament to Saturday, October 31st. Please see the revised flyer and entry form HERE. Everything is the same except for the revised dates.

If you have already registered, you will be automatically registered for the 31st. If you are unable to participate on that date, a refund will be given to you or if you like, applied it to the Veterans’ Scholastic in November. Please contact Mr. Ontai at gpontai@gmail.com for more info or to register.


NM Cornelius Rubsamen Repeats as Hawaii State Open & Blitz Champion

National Master Cornelius Rubsamen has won the 2015 editions of both the Hawaii State Open and Blitz Championships! In the Open, NM Rubsamen won four games and drew one, while in the Blitz Championship he scored a very impressive 13 wins with only one loss.  Cornelius is a many time state champion, and this year’s victories are repeats of his results last year, when he won clear first in the Open and tied for first in the Blitz.

Photo Credit - Guy Ontai

See the rated cross table from the Open event here. The cross table from the Blitz event is forthcoming.

September Scholastic Event CANCELLED

Unfortunately, due to Scholastic Director Guy Ontai’s travel schedule and a facility scheduling mixup, we are cancelling the September Scholastic event.
The first scholastic event of the year will be the October Scholastic on Saturday, 10/17.  Please check our event calendar for the complete scholastic calendar for the 2015-16 school year.


2015 Hawaii State Open & Blitz Championships – REGISTER NOW!

This year’s Hawaii State Open & Blitz Championships will be happening from September 5-7 at Washington Middle School. See the flyer below for more details and download the printable flyer and entry form here. Be sure to get your entries to tournament director Bob Newell by September 1st to save some money!


27 Players Vie for 2015 Hawaii Quick Chess Title

2015-Hawaii State Quick Championship

Current Hawaii State Scholastic Champion Evan Zheng can now say he is also the Hawaii Quick Chess Champion!  Evan bested a field of 27 players at Washington Middle School, scoring 6.5 points out of 7. NM Cornelius Rubsamen and Expert Stephen Mau tied for equal 2nd-3rd places.

In the lower sections, Dylan Tucker took first in the Under 1500 section, followed by Giorgio Tran. In the Under 1000 section, Gyuyun Kim emerged victorious, followed closely behind by Wyatt Okikawa and Marlin Tucker.

Thanks to all who showed up, and to TD Bob Newell for another excellent tournament!


Rated Crosstable
Photo Gallery on Facebook – Mahalo to Bert Nakagawa for sharing!