Ed Hayes did a great job directing the 11th Kauai Island Chess Tournament in Lihue, which was small but very tough.

In the top section Kauai’s Chad Badgett tied with Oahu’s Nicholas Muschek for first with 5 out of 7.  Tom Tanimoto from Oahu returned to tournament chess after a 30-year absence to finish at 4/7.  He tied with Jim Serles of Kauai who also recently returned to chess after an even longer absence.

Nova Halavins came from Maui to play his first USCF-rated tournament and finished with 3 points after defeating top-ranked Damian Nash, the tournament organizer, in the final round.  Nash had his revenge in the Blitz tournament which he won 6-0.  Nova took clear second with 5-1.

Kauai’s rising young star Ethan Pinnock schooled 3 adult players in the intermediate section, finishing with 5/6 in the double round-robin.

Tournament Results

The next Kauai tournament is Saturday, August 27th.  It will be different because players will have a choice of writing down moves (dual-rated section, 20/10 time control) or not writing down moves (quick-rated section, 20/9).  Thanks to a generous donation from Tom Tanimoto, each section will have a $100 guaranteed first prize, which could grow larger with more entries.  There will also be a non-rated beginner section with a $50 guaranteed first place.

Flyer for August 27th tournament

Registration form for August 27th tournament