Thirty-eight players participated in the ninth Hawaii Phoenix tournament on September 3rd at the Entrepreneur’s Sandbox.   NM Paul Iinuma started on board one and remained there throughout the tournament.  He won 5-0.

The big surprise of the tournament was Koapaka Satterfield, rated 453, who finished in second place with 4.5 out of 5.  That is partly due to “accelerated pairings” used by the director, to provide closer games for unrated and lower-rated players, and partly because of his great play.  He gained almost 350 rating points in one tournament, finishing over 800.

There was a big tie for third place at 4-1.  David Thaxton and newcomer Manuel Roy Leal lost only to Iinuma.  Kyle and Kevin Ching both had great tournaments, picking up 106 and 180 rating points respectively.  Their older brother Tyler Ching, while “only” at 3-2, went up 185 points in one tournament.

Official USCF Tournament Results