Official USCF Results

NM Peter Dyson, who has run the Space Coast Open chess tournament series in Florida for 30 years, took home the $100 cash prize and the gold medal in the Advanced Quick section.  In the double round-robin, he won three games and drew three.  Nicholas Muschek finished second at 3-3 in this very tough double round-robin.  Pictured below are Chad Badgett, Damian Nash, Dyson and Muschek.

Chad Badgett, Damian Nash, NM Peter Dyson and Nicholas Muschek

Jim Serles of Kauai took the $100 cash prize and the gold medal in the Dual-rated section with 4 wins and 2 draws.  One of those draws was with young Rohan Sudagar of Oahu, rated over 800 points lower!  Rohan picked up 88 rating points in the section.  Christopher Bueno of Oahu finished second with 4.5/5.

In the Intermediate Quick section, Charles Simpson of Oahu went up 135 points by finishing in first place with 4 out of 6 points, and taking home $50 and the gold medal.  In the Beginner Quick section Kieran Alston of Kauai swept the field with 4 wins and zero losses, to earn the gold medal and $50.

In the Blitz Arena tournament, event organizer Damian Nash went 5-0, but didn’t claim any cash prizes because he forgot to collect entry fees for the Blitz.  He got lucky against the surprise of the tournament, Jay Hammond of Kauai, who forced the win of an exchange out of the opening, but later yielded to a bishop and queen attack on his king in the endgame.  Jay drew with Nick Muschek who has recently become one of Oahu’s strongest players.

Once again, Ed Hayes did a great job as the tournament director.  All the players, and especially the prizewinners, wish to thank Tom Tanimoto who generously sponsored this little tournament.